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  • water dispenser stand

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  • water dispenser for home easy setup

    Easy Setup

  • Set quantity

  • drink dispenser stand

    battery length of 10 gallons

  • Small Design

  • Type C / USB recharger

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Water is essential for focus

Even mild dehydration can lead to....

being only 1% dehydrated leads to

decreased cognitive ability

According to research by both the NIH and cambridge, being only 1% dehydrated leads to a loss of cognitive ability and therefore decreased productivity.

Anything over 2% and the loss becomes exponential.

Considering the brain is 75% water, this isn't suprising.

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Productivity - Water Dispenser Stand


15 minutes lost

As stated on Carl Newport's best selling book Deep Work, a small distraction can lead to a loss of 15 minutes of optimal productivity.

Think about it: If you work for 2 hours straight but check your notifications twice and get up for some water twice that's a whole hour gone to waste.

You can't just regularily stand up from your desk and get water: this is a major distraction.

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75% of people are

chronically dehydrated

According to the lay press and NIH, 75% of people in the west are dehydrated.

This is because modern day responsibilities make it a harsh task to remember to drink enough water throughout the day. Our bodies eventually give up signaling us to drink more water.

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Symptoms of dehydration

  • decreased focus

  • decreased math skills

  • Feeling tired/lethargic

  • impaired memory

  • decreased reaction time

  • increased stress

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The solution is simple...

Keep a reminder on your desk!

The hydropump

Your personal assistant

take your productivity to the next level in whatever you do with proper hydration.

Replenish your focus and energy effortlessly from the comfort of your chair with the Hydropump.

All it takes is one push of a button to instantly hydrate yourself without distracting you from your work.

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  • Trend setter!

    I ordered this after seeing a popular trend, and it has made my goal to stay more hydrated much easier to achieve!

    - Abraham

  • I love it :)

    I hate doing marathons from my room to my kitchen, but luckily I found this while looking for water dispensers :D

    - Emily

  • Love the simplicity!

    We opted for ordering this water dispenser over the ones that go screwed onto the actual large water bottle container. This is much more convenient (...)

    - Melissa

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glass water dispenser

2. Assemble it!

It takes as little as 2 minutes to set up your water dispenser!

4 step setup:

1. Place your water source nearby

2. insert the water tube into the water source

3. Screw the Tower into the base of the water dispenser

4. Connect the water tube into the water dispenser and place it on your desk

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Frequently Asked Questions

Shipping Information

We offer free shipping. As stated in our shipping policy, it takes the Hydropump as little as 7 days to reach your doorstep.

In the worst case scenario, it'll take up to 15 days.

How long is the water tube?

The water tube is 120 cm/3.9 feet long.

How tall can my glass of water be?

The hydropump can comfortably fit 6.4 inch tall glasses of water.

How long does it take for it to fill a glass of water to the brim?

It depends on the size of the glass of water. But, from our own testing, it takes roughly 15 to 20 seconds for a 6 inch tall glass of water to be filled. Which is near the maximum glass height the water dispenser can comfortably take in.

How loud is it?

Altough some noise is inevitable, the hydropump remains silent.

When pulling water for the first time, it can be noisy. Remember to dispense some water after having set up the water dispenser to prevent it from having to pull water during your work.

How long does it take to fully recharge?

It takes 3 hours for the hydropump to fully recharge. It is possible to use the hydropump while recharging it.

How long is the battery life?

The hydropump has a battery life that can last as long as 10 gallons of water.

What if my glass of water overflows?

Simply press the dispense button again to stop the flow.

What is the water tube made of?

Food grade silicon.

All barriers to hydration have been removed

drink dispenser stand

Instant hydration

When hydrating yourself is hard and requires you to get out of the zone, that's when you start procrastinating it.

Instantly hydrate yourself effortlessly.

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water dispenser stand

Push of a button

Thirsty? Just press the dispense button once and keep your focus on the task at hand while it fills up your glass of water for you.

Hydration has never been easier.

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glass water dispenser

Seamless design

The hydropump was specifically designed to take as little space as possible; seamlessly blending into your desk.

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Summary of the data: https://ksi.uconn.edu/wp-content/uploads/sites/1222/2015/04/Influence-of-Hydration-on-Cognition.pdf

"Traditionally a 2% or more body water deficit was thought to produce cognitive performance decrements; however, recent literature suggests that even mild dehydration – a body water loss of 1–2% – can impair cognitive performance": https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC4207053/

"According to the lay press, 75% of Americans are chronically dehydrated": https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/books/NBK555956/

"In China, few hydration-related studies have been conducted. In one survey of 1483 adults aged 18–60 years from four provincial capital cities in 2009, approximately 32% of the participants reported that they drank less water than the amount recommended by the Chinese Nutrition Society in 2006 (1200 mL/day). Furthermore, 71.6% of participants had no knowledge of these recommendations [24]. ": https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC6603652/

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"Mental haziness that is created from lack of body fluid will affect
an individual’s ability to mentally perform to the best of their ability. Mental
haziness is a term often used to describe a feeling of not being able to focus and
having unclear thoughts": https://kb.gcsu.edu/cgi/viewcontent.cgi?article=1031&context=thecorinthian